5:00-6:30pm    Competition A              N/A
6:30-7:30pm    Stretch Turn & Leap     8 yrs & up
7:30-9:00pm    Competition B              N/A

5:00-6:15pm    LMVP Technique         N/A
6:15-7:15pm    Acro-Dance                13 yrs & up
7:15-8:15pm    Stretch, Turn & Leap  13 yrs & up
8:15-9:45pm    Competition C             N/A

5:00-5:30pm    Jazz Technique           10-12 yrs

5:30-6:00pm    Poms                          10-12 yrs
6:00-6:30pm    Hip Hop                      10-12 yrs

6:30-7:30pm    Yoga                           All Ages
7:30-8:00pm    Hip Hop                      13 & Up

8:00-8:30pm    Adult Hip Hop             18 & Up


5:00-5:45pm    Preschool Combo         3-4 yrs
5:45-6:15pm    Beginner's Acro-Dance 3-5 yrs
6:15-7:00pm    Kindergarten Combo     5-6 yrs
7:00-7:45pm    Acro-Dance                   6-9 yrs
7:45-8:15pm    Hip Hop                         6-9 yrs
8:15-8:45pm    Poms                             6-9 yrs

2019 SUMMER schedule

8 week tuition fees

The Dance Co.

Classes run June 10-august 2

30 Minute Classes: $70.00 
45 Minute Classes: $75.00 
60 Minute Classes: $80.00

Multiple Class Discounts:  2nd Class--$20 off, 3rd and any additional class--$30 off

*Competition Class is $100 and is by invitation only. Also required to take Stretch Turn & Leap class for $60.00.

​All classes must have at least 5 students to remain open.