The Dance Co.

come celebrate 49 years with us!

Hello! I’m Nikole Russell, Owner and Head Instructor of The Dance Company. I’m very proud to say that this year marks our 49th Anniversary for teaching dance to youth in the Cedar Rapids-Marion area.

Dance is a wonderful activity that provides opportunities to achieve excellence in technique and performance while developing both confidence and creativity. Dance has been an extremely important aspect in my life since the age of five, and has helped me to attain many of my own goals. As owner of the studio I endeavor to instill in every student the love of dance and a joy for movement that I have developed from the very moment that I stepped onto a dance floor.

Students at The Dance Co. are very involved within the community. We have performed at many events and competitions at both regional and national levels with great success. Although trophies and ribbons are very gratifying, the most important things are the grace and confidence gained along with every newly learned dance step.

At The Dance Co. we offer classes for both students who are looking for fun, recreational after-school activities and students who are more serious about their training and would like to dance at a competitive level. All classes are taught by trained ADULTS with many years of experience. Our instructors have completed 4 years of Teacher's Training School of Dance Master's of America and are certified by test in instruction for ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance.  We are the only instructors in the Cedar Rapids / Marion area with this certification.  We pride ourselves in having a very close and family oriented atmosphere. Be assured that your student will dance age appropriately to suitable music at our studio. Our philosophy is first and foremost to have fun! Whatever level a student is in; we want their experience in dance to be a good one!

Do you have an aspiring young dancer in your family? If so, I hope you’ll bring them in to join one of the many classes offered at The Dance Co. (Don’t feel left out adults! We have classes for the young at heart too!)


Nikole Russell
Owner / Head Instructor
The Dance Co.